Things are not born complicated. At the moment of creation, everything is simple, clear and clean-lined. Pure. At its best, jewellery design, just like any design, is about protecting the clarity of the original idea from superfluous decoration and compromise. The most beautiful jewellery will retain the lucidity of the moment of its conception.  Jewellery represents the feelings, memories, and important decisions that it is connected to and that its wearer wants to hold for others to see. Presence, which has been forged to last forever. Oz Jewel


Oz Jewel is a Finnish jewellery shop specialising in modern gold and silver jewellery in Helsinki. The owners, goldsmith Tiina Arkko and silversmith Vesa Nilsson, design and manufacture their range for discerning customers who are looking for something new and clean-lined in jewellery design. Oz Jewel creates jewellery that, rather than stand out on its own, emphasises the personality of its wearer.