At the moment of creation, everything is simple, clear and clean-lined. Pure. At its best, jewelry design, just like any design, is about protecting the clarity of the original idea from superfluous decoration and compromise. Since 1997 Oz Jewel has specialized in modern gold and silver jewelry in Helsinki.

OZ Jewel

Vesa Nilsson + Tiina Arkko

OZ Jewel is a jewelry designing and manufacturing company for two professionals, Tiina Arkko and Vesa Nilsson. Thousands of beautiful pieces of jewelry have been created for over 20 years. Our goal is high quality in everything we do, from manufacturing to design and customer service. The business statement also includes environmental responsibility and sustainable development. A well-designed and crafted piece of jewelry will bring joy for a long time.

The Most Beautiful Ring of the year 2021

EEDEN The Most Beautiful Ring of the year 2021 finalist.


This year’s Most Beautiful Ring 2021 competition is inspired by the aesthetics of the past with the theme “Memories of the Past”.
The competition has been held 14 times already and OZ Jewel have been among the 10 selected finalists for several years.
The competition is co-organized by the “I Love Me” event (Messukeskus Exhibition Center) and Häät-lehti & Hää
The ring was designed and made by Vesa Nilsson / OZ Jewel.

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For The Wedding


Love is the most important source of inspiration and the reason we make jewelry. Sealing the relationship is one of the most important decisions we make. The wedding and engagement ring shows feelings, memories, and important decisions we want to make. A presence that is forged to last forever. Our rings are primarily made to order so get the ring that’s right for you.

Hearts- collection

Söpö vaaka
Created using Luxion Technology (
Created using Luxion Technology (

The everlasting symbol of love, the heart. Here you will find our unique heart jewelry.
Made and designed in Helsinki with love.

Play- collection


Play-collection jewelry comes in a wide variety of colors and materials. Combine as you wish. Play with different color combinations. Glowing orange or cool moonstone? Design your own with your favorite colors.


Korujen uudistus
Korujen muutostyöt2
Korujen muutostyö3

In addition to our own collection, we design and manufacture made-to-order jewelry and as well we renewing old jewelry . We give shape to the idea that is not yet visible. The result is something unique and meaningful – just made for you.

For a more sustainable and beautiful world


For a more sustainable and beautiful world, against the disposable culture.
OZ Jewel´s goal is high quality in everything we do, from manufacturing to design and customer service. Oz Jewel design is made to last the time and use.
Silver and gold, the materials that we use are at least 99% recycled from old jewelry and precious metal scrap. We also buy scrap gold and redesign old jewelry.


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