Tiina Arkko

Tiina Arkko
designer, goldsmith

I am usually focused on making engagement and wedding rings, collections and unique
custom designs. In addition to my own collections, I also design jewelry for Kalevala jewelry.
The jewelry I design is timeless and simplified in form. In my design work, I strive to
eliminate all that extra and let the shape speak. I want the jewelry to be designed and
manufactured to withstand time, both in terms of use and design.
I have graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design as a goldsmith. Prior to starting my own company, I worked for Georg Jensen in Denmark.

The Finnish Association of Goldsmiths named Tiina Arkko the Goldsmith of
the Year in 2007.


Vesa Nilsson
designer, silversmith, 3D-wizard

I graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design in 1991. After my graduation I worked as a
silversmith at Georg Jensen in Copenhagen. I had an opportunity to work with the best
silversmiths in the world. We founded Oz Jewel, a jewelry design and manufacturing
company, in 1997 together with my spouse Tiina Arkko. Later on I studied design (TaM) and
International Design Business Management (IDBM) at Aalto University. I have also taught product
design at Helsinki Design School. I have designed jewelry for Kalevala jewelry.
In my opinion, the knowledge of the materials and the skill to create are my most important
strengths. Skill is always more than just knowledge.
Over the years, I have done a variety of design projects and I think the jewelry design is the
most challenging. Jewelry is more than just an object, because it carries emotions,
messages and personal meanings. You should always bring some soulfulness to them.
Designing jewelry is like writing a poem without words or composing music without sound.

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